Have you got some talents in Music, Acting or Dancing? Then join the MADhouse Crew.




The MADhouse is a mentoring programme which offers a rare opportunity for young people between the ages of 16 and 25, to collaborate and collectively partake in a creative art experience, under the direction of Qudus Onikeku.


It is an alternative educational unit, and also an avenue for the youngsters to foster mutual relationships, and further develop their talents in MUSIC, ACTING & DANCING.




•To Promote creative and divergent thinking in young people, and directly engaging them with their society.


•To increase their level of motivation, confidence and self-esteem, preparing them with the flexible skills they will need to face a changing world.


•To offer them the required time and space to explore, experiment and play with ideas, and increase their capacity for generating and extending ideas, applying imagination and looking for alternative solutions.

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