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TERRAPOLIS is a dance, music, fashion and visual art creation. It is the last part of a trilogy which
began with Re:INCARNATION (2021) which explored the collective will to renaissance, followed
by OUT OF THIS WORLD (2023), which centered on the West African Yorùbá culture’s artistic,
scientific, and philosophical concerns, it serves as the necessary incubation for TERRAPOLIS
(2025), which is an exploration of the human condition. It's a poetic play that explores how the
planet and the community of living beings can live together, with 16 artists coming from diverse
disciplinary and cultural backgrounds.

TERRAPOLIS combines the Latin ‘terra’ for earth, with the Greek ‘polis’ for city or citizens. In our
context, TERRAPOLIS is a strategy for surviving the end of the world, set against the backdrop of
our current conditions, climate anxiety, viral pandemics, lingering ghosts of colonialism and
slavery, the incessant threat of a nuclear war, complex matrices of racial, patriarchal, capitalist,
and fascist oppressions.

“Hard times require furious dancing.” We lead the audience into a parallel world where the bodies
take the lead over the minds and form a composite of humanity made of multiple trajectories, all
chasing the ungraspable phantoms of life, chasing illusion, chasing after death. Our dancing
bodies aren’t looking for ways to solve the crises, they are not aiming to treat chaos as an
anomaly, but to compose them into a choreography.


September 2023 / Afropolis 2023 – Lyon - 2 weeks testing at the Biennial De Lyon.
February 2024 - The Caribbean - research, 2 weeks voyage
Oct./Nov. 2024 - QDance Center, Lagos - creative research (Dance+music)
March 2025 - la Ferme du Buisson, Paris - creative research (with other collaborators), 4 weeks
June 2025 - Africologne Festival, Cologne, Germany - TERRAPOLIS
October-November 2025 - Roma Europa Festival - TERRAPOLIS
Autumn 2025 – la Ferme du Buisson - TERRAPOLIS
2026 - National Centre for Arts, Ottawa -TERRAPOLIS

The QDance Company

Hajarat ALLI
Production / Touring

Qudus Onikeku
Artistic Director

YK Projects. Paris


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