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The Children's Creative Dance Club is for children between the ages of 6-16 years old. It is a very fun class where the student will be taught creatrivity through dance and other artistic means, they shall also be given the opportunity to showcase what they have learnt on the QDancecenter stage at the end of every quarter of the year.


The Youth Creative Club a.k.a MADhouse is a year programme, which offers a rare opportunity for young talents between the ages of 13 and 25, to collaborate and collectively partake in a creative art experience, under the direction of Qudus ONIKEKU and other invited guest teachers. It is an alternative educational unit through monthly performances and feedbacks from actual audiences and professionals.


Residency Programs


Our Residency Program is opened to creative artists who are working on a standard piece or production and needs the support of the QDanceCenter in terms of space for rehearsals and possible mentorship. This shall be starting in january 2016.

We will also be organising different dance workshops and master classes which shall be communicated to the general public via our various online platforms.










At the QDanceCenter, we open our doors for a variety of cultural and artistic live events, varying from dance concerts, improv' session, open air cinema, music concerts, poetry slam, comedy club, theatre, dance party and other creative networking events.


STUDIO and STAGE rentals


We also rent out our studios for rehearsals, shows and performances, photo or video shoot, private lessons, personalised dance classes, conferences, networking events. etc. And we also rent out our stage which is  2 feet high, and 25 by 35 feet in diameter.

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