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The QDance Session is an ongoing performance lab initiated by the QDanceCenter, Lagos. A semi curated gathering of performers, curious audience, creative minds, story tellers, seekers of truth, makers of beauty, workers and students of life amongst others, coming together just as they are, for a rare moment of sharing and for the purpose of creatively occupying the "Now".

With QDanceSession, it is our interest to physically examine the human body as a storehouse of memories, a repository of ancient and current knowledge such as myth, legend and history, digging the body memory to a point where its language becomes cryptic and its message diverse in its multiple capacity to rewrite the past and remember the future.

In this circle space, we attempt to amalgamate these diverse sensibilities and moods, using the codes of Yoruba traditional spectacles, to construct a dramaturgy which takes on the forms of improvisatory drive, bluring the lines between prior compositions and on-the-spot improvisation, creating an hybrid verb-space of effortless intersections, in an air of simplicity and of spontaneity between dance, circus, live music, signing, spoken word and discussion, in an organic and simplified form where actions speak louder than words, where memories are expanded through the five senses, where thoughts are reformed and new meanings are given to known forms.

It shouldn't be unusual that in an intense city like Lagos, for a small crowd to assemble on an evening, for a moment of beauty. This gathering doesn't have the outlook of neither a performance per say, nor is it an open mic, it is simply a circle which allows the coming-through of our own inner music, it can be imagined as an open jam session that leads nowhere. Using basic principles of performance, as a way to look into and examine the growth of human interactions, where every participant is an important component, and the simple beauty of that interaction is our bottom line.

(c) Nyancho Nwanri

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