An Afrofuturist Dance Experience.

With 9 dancers and 1 live musician.

Conception & Artistic Direction

Qudus Onikeku

Dancers / Collaborators

Adila omotosho 

Ambrose Tjark

Angela Okolo

Bukunmi Olukitibi

Busayo Olowu

Faith Okoh

Joshua Gabriel

Kodak Ike

Yemi Osokoya

Rehearsal Coordinator

Sunday Ozegbe



Olatunde Obajeun


Video / Scenery

Fernando Velázquez

Izaak Lartey 


Light Design

Matthew Yusuf

Tour Manager

Anne-Sophie Dupoux. []

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This piece is the result of five years of continuous movement research around body memory with young dancers in Nigeria, all undertaken since my return from Paris to my hometown Lagos. There, I ventured to train, inform and inspire a new generation of dancers, with whom we have built strong trust relationships, strong enough to create a collective piece that will showcase the depth of the west African youth culture and its pure and uncompromising joy.


Re:incarnation is the work of this brand new generation of Lagosian artists and young dancers. Without any classical or occidental training, it will be marked by the urban chaos of the Nigerian economic capital, Lagos the mega city, and take as a point of departure from the current Afrobeats Dance and Music, that is presently in motion, initially from Nigeria and quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

Afrobeat music plays a leading role here. The afrobeat that is best known in Europe is the one that emerged in the 70s from the meeting of jazz, soul-funk and high-life with the traditional West African music, thanks to Fela Kuti – a musician that was cradled by the Black Power and panafricanism movements. Today, afrobeats bares new influences from different inspirations. Dancehall, hip-hop and funky house have started off a musical revolution that flows into the bodies. Imagine an orchestra: the basic tempo inexorably comes back. Inside this

undisturbed cycle, the groove plays with a different temporality.

Paying tribute to this richness, choreography will be written with a highly musical structure. I found it interesting

that these young people re- apropriate this energy of the 60s and 70s, to reactivate it, renew it, re-incarnate it in the present, consciously or unconsciously loaded with past and current social struggles. This piece is a way to continue my quest into body memory and to seek a contemporary choreographic vocabulary that is peculiar to this new generation of dancers. Coming from the Yoruba culture and philosophical approach, I would like

to place at the core of the piece the Yoruba central concept of re:incarnation (birth, death, re-birth) which offers a distinct way of thinking about time and space in a cyclical manner. The temporality will thus be based on points of intensity rather that a chronological progression.


With this piece I want to gather nine dancers from different cities in Nigeria, those that I have worked with the past years and identified in the course of the three editions of DanceGATHERING Lagos, so as to let this new generation of Nigerian dancers come together around a shared creation process – while I continue my

mentorship with them in pratical terms.


Qudus Onikeku

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