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At The QDanceCenter, after eight years of entrepreneurial experiment that have proven  greatly sustainable in a changing world, we recognise that innovation usually happen when two or more sets of knowledges collide. Art and entrepreneurship are often taught of as operating in different worlds, our ability to operate ‘at the edge’ has led us to new understanding, which is essential to our strategy. Managing transitions require a high level of leadership and adaptability skills; therefore, arts entrepreneurship, cultural administration and talent management skills become a must have for emerging music, dance and theatre art companies.

This fourth edition of ReSource is proposed as an online intensive training, a response to the shortage of trained young administrators and managers in the creative sector. The QDance Center offers ReSource as a way to mentor and up-skill a network of emerging administrators and managers with an international outlook, trainees who stand out during the week's training will have an opportunity to integrate the organization as full time managers for further hands on experience.  For this high level intensive training, we shall focus on Production management - Tour management - Artists Management - Administration and Structural Strategy.


Admission is free, limited spaces available. Prior experience or training will be an advantage.

This is an intensive course. Do you agree to be fully present for the entire duration of the training, with access to good internet ?
Working with phone will reduce your level of participation. Will you have a laptop or desktop at your disposal for this training?
There will be take home exercises, is this something you are willing to dedicate time to?
To be offered a certificate at the end, you will be required to make a presentation at the end of the training, is this something you are willing to dedicate time to?
Rate your conversational ability?

Your details were sent successfully! You will hear from us soon if you are selected for the intensive. Don't hesitate to contact us if need be. Thanks for your interest.

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