8 - 12 July. 2019

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At The QDanceCenter, we recognize that innovation usually happen when two or more sets of knowledge collide. Often, art and business operates in different worlds, our ability to operate ‘at the edge’ has led us to new understanding which is essential to our strategy.


We seek diverse innovative ways of turning talents, ideas, contents and asset into value for the sustainability of our art. Managing transitions require a high level of leadership and adaptability skills; therefore, arts administration and management skills become an obligation.


ReSource is the latest of our talent development program. As a response to the knowledge and personnel shortage in arts administration and management, we offer ReSource as a way to mentor and up-skill a set of motivated individuals interested in and have a flare for management, on how to organize, manage, fund and sustain the art practice.

  • Introduction to Arts administration and Management

    1. Your role as an arts administrator

    2. Your role as an arts manager

  • Arts Management: Mission VS Profit

    1. Managing art that is not profit driven

    2. To sell or not to sell

    3. Specific Business model

  • Structuring

    1. Creating a company

    2. What product or services?

    3. Working with multiple artistes.

  • Finance

    1. Budgeting

    2. Financial record keeping

    3. Charges & Fees (how do you charge?)

  • Grant Writing / Fund sourcing

  • Time Management

  • Contracts

  • Volunteering.

•Facilitators are professionals in the field, not  teachers.

•Engaging, brainstorming, interactive and practical.

•Training sessions 8 - 12 July 2019.

Mentor-Me Master Class with guest speakers.

•Interns Project Pitches, on the last day.

Groups shall be constituted and Group Works will be given.


There will be a certificate and an offer for further internship with the QDance Center or other partner organization at the end of the program, for those that performed exceptionally well.

APPLY NOW! CLOSES BY 15th June 2019


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