Ceartion 2018.

Columbia College. Chicago.

The Dance Department’s Practitioner-in-Residence Qudus Onikeku brings a global and anti-disciplinary approach to Columbia students.

This semester, the visiting practitioner-in-residence in the Dance Department is an internationally recognized dancer, choreographer, educator, and activist. His name is Qudus Onikeku and he proves how a diverse artistic approach can enrich Columbia College Chicago as a whole.

Let Us Be Great

This is a collaborative work between Qudus Onikeku, the ace singer Brymo, filmaker Simon Rouby and visual artist Native Maqari.

RainMakers "performance"

Qudus Onikeku and The QDance Company summon a downpour with a poetic, powerful dance performance. Set to a composition of singing, drums and strings, the dancers radiate energy -- moving in circles, in shapes and in unison as they consume the TED stage.


RainMakers was created for the opening of the TEDGlobal – held in Arusha, Tanzania in August 2017. This dance/music video piece is about a fictional band of misfits, rebels and nomads, not all from the same creed or nation, but who collectively build one unique tribe of like-minded individuals who want to be catalysts for change – As drought encompasses their lands and communities, the tribe seeks to bring back the water with their bodies and souls. They go wherever there hasn’t been rain, and shake things up with their music, songs and dances until the rain pours.

We Almost Forgot

A 10 minutes feature of our production We Almost Forgot on channels TV.

Q Session Abuja

Qudus Onikeku mentors young dancers in his style of dance which is a fusion of almost everything movement. This presentation which held at the residence of the German Ambassador to Nigeria in Abuja, is simple a "Q Dance Session"

A Journey Through Movement and Sound

Dancer Qudus Onikeku joins the enchanting sounds of Tunde Jegede as he skillfully plays his kora, together creating an unforgettable performance. Filmed at TEDGlobal 2017.

An African Ballet

An African Ballet is a new creation bringing together dance, mythology and music. It follows the poetic journey of an exiled son who traverses worlds and returns to finally reclaim his lost inheritance. Nigeria’s first African ballet tells the story of love, loss and redemption, it is a battle of forces between father and son, heaven and earth and a tale of ultimate triumph. The show features international dancer/choreographer, Qudus Onikeku + QDancers, African classical composer, Tunde Jegede and guest artists, Renu Hossain (tablas) and Devon Carpenter (harp). It will be a unique meeting point between traditions, styles and genres.

Nigeria In Venice

Qudus Onikeku was selected as one of the three artists representing Nigeria at the Venice Arte Biennale. The piece he presented was titled, "Right Here, Right Now" , a trilogy —“Of Contemplation,” “Of Poetry,” and “Of Engagement”. Onikeku’s dance film brings into clear focus the tensions between the various senses of time, and how an audience can be triggered to remember. Away from his film, he performed at the opening of the Pavilion, as seen here, on May 10th 2017.


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...Given the long shadow of colonial domination, especially in the field of knowledge production, 'Infinite Nowness' is an investigation into alternative knowledge production and practice, using performative engagement and instant composition, as a mean of creating an experience, both the performer and for the audience, summoning and activating all our beings; the body pushed to its limit, the mind stretched from and beyond understanding, and the soul drawn to manifest itself in flesh, in forms, in sounds, in emotions and sensations.


Performer à l’« incroyable présence », Qudus Onikeku défie la gravité. Ludique, spirituelle et poétique, sa pratique marie performance et danse, acrobatie et méditation. Il nous propose avec Africaman Original un voyage dans le monde des danses noires d’Afrique, mais aussi du Brésil et des Etats-Unis.

Show man en mode stand up ? Conférence chorégraphiée ? Cours de danse ? Ou récital ? Africaman Original est un peu tout cela à la fois. Sur un tempo d’enfer, Qudus Onikeku ne lâche pas son public, il danse, chante, lance des blagues, fait monter des volontaires sur scène, dialogue avec le parterre, repart dans un solo mêlant danses traditionnelles, hip hop, capoeira, vocabulaires contemporains et acrobaties. Sur des images documentaires montées par Isaak Lartey et l’afrobeat de Fela Kuti, il glisse aussi, sans en avoir l’air, que danse et corps en racontent toujours beaucoup plus long qu’il n’y paraît.

Conception et Performance : Qudus Onikeku | Vidéo : Isaac Lartey | Musique de Fela Kuti revisitée par Charles Amblard.


This piece for four disabled and six non-disabled dancers, speaks of beauty in a non conventional manner; what really is beautiful and what is not? What are the parameters for judging the beautiful from the ugly? Is there any such thing as a perfect body or a perfect human or a perfect dancer? How does beauty manifest through difference in abilities?

IWA L’EWA puts a light on some voices we rarely hear within our social structure, to tell their stories and how they perceive our society from their own eyes. This in a way, makes a statement that, people simply have bodies that cases up their humanity, it is our societal programming that dis-ables, en-ables, dis-empowers or empowers.


A brief compilation on Qudus Onikeku and his inspiring work in Lagos Nigeria.

QDance Session

The QDance Session is generally a performance lab, a semi curated gathering of performers, curious audience, creative minds, story tellers, seekers of truth, makers of beauty, workers and students of life among others, coming together just as they are, for a rare moment of sharing and for the purpose of creatively occupying the "Now".


A performance Created for TorinoDanza. 2011.

Prayer by Ernst Bloch, played by Umberto Clericci

Kaddish by Maurice Ravel, sang by Valentina Coladonato

STILL / life

In this solo, second part of the trilogy, Qudus Onikeku, brutally poses on stage, these fundamental contradictions. “What makes men transform suddenly into monsters?”. He asks, in search of a revealing sincerity more than of an impossible answer.


We thought of taking contemporary dance to NON CONVENTIONAL spaces and locations where the growing art network could not get to, be it public or private surroundings who are yet to discover the theatre for the purpose of Dance, as an avenue of crossing the borders that exists between artists and the audience, as well as formation of a local market and audiences structure. This first attempt took us on a journey across the African continent, around six countries, each from the different regions of the African continent including;Nigeria, Egypt, SouthAfrica, Mozambique, Kenya and Cameroon.


DANCING CITIES is a unique itinerant dance competition that happened every trimester, moving from one neighborhood to the other. It’s a confluence of various dance forms, whether it is hip hop or ballet, ballroom or Fuji, contemporary or traditional dance styles, our criteria for selection is in creativity and innovation in delivery. 

Its objective is to Engage young people in creative endeavors. To build confidence and self realization. To create excitement and social cohesion through dance. To be a part of the social life of the cityscape.


Here the MADhouse crew make their first outing outside our QDanceCenter space, the event was a literary concert organised by the ace writer Joy Isi bewaji. The event tagged #ThisArtIsEnough .

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